Metallic Waterproof Lipstick

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    Feel bored of your routine make up? Metallic Waterproof Lipstick is sparkling stunning lipstick with waterproof feature, which enables you to attend different occasions and activity without make up melting!

    Also, it is anti-smudge which can SAVE TIME of reapply for your make up after having meal or kissing with your love! Have fun with your friends unrestrainedly!


    • Metallic & pigmented 
      High quality of matte lipstick. Sparkling metallic texture makes your appearance outstanding!
        • Waterproof
          Prevent make-up melting, suitable for outdoor water activities
          • No smudge
            Avoid damaging
             the make up after eating or kissing
          • Long-lasting
            Can keep over 9 hours without damaging!
          • Non-toxic, safe
            Made of edible natural Ingredients. Available for ALL skin types, Including sensitive skin.
          • Material: Edible wax
          • Weight: 17.6g


            • 1 x Metallic Waterproof Lipstick