Water Invisible Eyelid Tape (192PCS)

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Hey beauties, still using gluey eyelid tapes uncomfortably? Try our revolutionary Water Invisible Eyelid Tape to create charming, glue-free, non-sensitive double eyelids!
These eyelid tapes becomes sticky when sprayed with water! Instead of glue, your double eyelids looks more natural without feeling tension and getting uncomfortable/sensitive from glues! 
  • Stick with Water -  Simply spray some water on them and the tapes will become sticky. Instead of glue, it offers you a much healthier way to be beautiful

  • Two-Sided Tapes - More firmly and not easy slid off
  • Non-sensitive, Breathable - Made of medical-use adhesive fiber which are 100% hypoallergenic and guaranteed no irritation to skin
  • Lift sagging eyelids instantly with ultra invisible effect
  • For Any Skin Colors -  Transparent with no adhesive residue
  • For Any Eyelid Type - Perfect for hooded, droopy, uneven, inner double eyelid or mono-eyelids customers, and good for those who want to visually enlarge their eyes
  • Own Double Eyelids Every Day - 1 Pack can be used for > half year!

    • Shelf Life: 5 years

    • 1 Box x Water Invisible Eyelid Tape (192 pieces inside)