USB Cable Bracelet

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Are you always forgetting to bring your USB charging cable when going outside? With our USB Cable Bracelet, you no longer worry about your device being out of power. 

This bracelet is a 2-in-1 creative product- it acts as a charging cable and weaving bracelet. No need to bring extra USB cable anymore! Simply WEAR it as part of your fashionable daily outfit

You can enjoy fast charging and data transfer anywhere with this detachable bracelet. Not only charging phones, it can charge different electronic devices including tablets, fans, desk lamps and so on as long as they have micro USB port. Get your trendy charger now!
  • Fast data transfer and charging: Supports charge and data sync simultaneously. Use of standard USB 2.0 interface can transfer faster and more convenient
  • Compatible with all devices with a Micro USB 2.0 connector
  • Safe and durable: Made of high quality nylon weave and silicone, which are durable and safe to use
  • Practical accessory: Bracelet design looks nice and fashionable. You can wear it on your wrist as daily decoration and take it for charging your devices when needed
  • Easy to carry: Simply wear the bracelet and use it anywhere
  • Survival tool: In case of emergency, you can unweave it as a nylon rope to make traps, bundle temporary tents, tighten items and so on

  • Material: Nylon rope (bracelet body), silicone
  • USB interface: Standard USB 2.0 interface

  • 1 x USB Cable Bracelet