Ultra-Warm Heating Boots

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The Ultra-Warm Heating Boots are innovative boots that keep you warm in the cold weather! There are heating wires with temperature control hidden under the boot and they constantly give warmth to your feet.  

The boots are made of high-quality soft fabric. It is an eco-friendly product compared to those once-and-for-all heating pads as it is rechargeable. Great for both indoor and outdoor use. There are various sizes and colors for selection, let's order now.


  • Warm Heating Wire: There is a heating wire under the boot that constantly heats up and warms your feet.

  • Soft & Comfortable: The boots are made of quality fabric that is soft and comfortable to wear.

  • Temperature Control: You can control the temperature (30°C - 50°C) freely by adjusting the remote.

  • Non-Slip Rubber: There is a non-slip rubber that prevents slipping on the floor.

  • Fashionable Boots: They are perfect for indoor and outdoor use. You can wear it like a normal boot when it is not charged. It still keeps your feet warm with the remaining heat.

  • Material: Soft Fabric
  • Color: Black / Pink / Grey
  • Size:  S: 5.5-7.5 / M: 8.5-10.5  / L: 11.5-13.5


  • 1 x  Ultra-Warm Heating Boots