Ultra-Blanc Matte Primer

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The Ultra-Blanc Matte Primer is what you need for a perfect foundation before having any makeups. It is a mattifying primer that helps control oil release of skin. The primer is easy to blend for covering dark spots and poles effectively. Ultimately, you can have a brighter and even skin tone

It is made of natural ingredient which is applicable to any skin type, even sensitive skin. It is the best deal to have an all-in-one primer, let's order now!  


  • Easy To Blend: The primer is in light liquid form which is easy to blend over the skin for absorption. 

  • Pole-Minimising: With the nude color, it is perfect for covering poles and black spots without any marks and trace.

  • Brighter Skin Tone: The glimmering particles provide an illuminating effect to your skin and brighten your skin tone.

  • Long-lasting Makeup: The mattifying primer can hold your make-up for 24 hours with excellent oil control. No worries about your makeups.
  • Natural Ingredient: The primer is made of natural ingredient that is non-toxic and fragrant-free.  

  • Applicable To All Skin: All skin types are applicable to this primer to have a perfect foundation before makeups.


    • Volume: 30ml


    • 1 x  Ultra-Blanc Matte Primer