Super Clean Repellent Windshield Washer

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The Super Clean Repellent Coating Windshield Washer is excellent to solve car windshield problems and offer great protection to the wiper. It makes your cleaning work easy to clean dust, bird droppings or frozen window, etc. Just press and wipe then you are good to go.

With the nano treatment formula, it offers water repellent for the windshield to deal with raindrops or heavy rain. It provides a clear view to all drivers and enhances driving safety


  • Easy To Use: The windshield washer is so easy to use, just fill it and water into the fluid reservoir of your vehicle.
  • Crystal Clear CleaningThe washer fluid is made with a formula that provides excellent cleaning effect for the windshield to tackle dirt & dust, snow, bird droppings, etc.

  • Rain Repellent CoatingWith the nano repellent treatment, the windshield can still be clear under heavy rain with the hydrophobic effect.

  • Protect Windshield WiperUsing the washer fluid can provide extra protection to the window wipe by moisturising the wipe rubber to prevent dry and damages.

  • Wide ApplicationThe windshield can be widely used for dealing with multiple windshield problems like dust, bird droppings or snow. 

    • Volume: 80ml / bottle


    • Windshield Washer (1 bottle / 3 bottle)