Speedy-Fix Broken Screw & Pipe Extractor

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Feeling hopeless when you have broken screws and can't take it out? With the Speedy-Fix Broken Screw & Pipe Extractor, you don't have to panic at all! There are various sizes for screwing out all stripped screws, it is fast and easy to fix any pipe or tap. 

The screw extractors are made of quality carbon steel which has excellent hardness and durable for high-speed spinning. It is convenient to use and easy to store. Let's order this smart tool to fix broken screws and pipes. 


  • Speedy Screw Out: The extractor can get stripped and broken screws in a fast and easy way. 


  • Spiral Friction Design: There is a spiral design at the body of the extractor with excellent friction. That's help unscrew broken screws.

  • Durable Carbon Steel: The extractor is made of carbon steel which is at high-quality and durable for high-speed spinning.

  • Various Sizes Fit All: With different sizes of extractors, you can fix any type and any size of pipes and screws

  • Easy To Store: The extractor set is small and portable for easy storage.

  • Material: Carbon Steel
  • Extractort Size:

    4mm (4-6mm)
    4.5mm for (6-8mm)
    6.5mm for (8-11mm)
    7.5mm for (11-14mm)
    11mm for (14-18mm)
    15mm for (18-25mm) 


  • 1 x  Broken Screw & Pipe Extractor