Shinie™ Metallic Marker Set

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Add elegance to both light and dark papers. Shinie™ Metallic Marker Set will give your scrapbooks and crafts a hand-painted sheen without the offensive odor and mess of paint markers.

It is non-toxic and quick dry. You can use it on a black hard card and also can apply on any surface such as CDs, cups, glass and more!


  • ✎Fine Metallic Color
    Contain shimmering ink, finely ground particles, which yield a smooth, even sheen, for you to create your craft a beautiful greeting card or add luster to an illustration.
  • ✎Color Flow Nice & Smooth
    Writes very smoothly and glide effortlessly across the page, no gaps or bubbles in the ink.
  • ✎Quality Material
    Non-toxic and no ink-dry with new and evolutionary metallic ink for your calligraphy on Black Cardstock
  • ✎Perfect For All Surface
    Have a good effect in all kinds of color paper, especially good for black hard card. Can also be used for CDs, ceramic, glass and more


  • Material: PP
  • Size: 16.5cm (1-2mm nib)
  • Color: Gold, Silver, Brown, Blue, Pink, White, Black, Purple, Dark Green, Light Green


    • 1 x Foldable Sink Organizer Rack