Seat Belt Extender

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Have you ever found your seat belt is too short making you feel uncomfortable & embarrassed? Use Seat Belt Extender to let driving no longer EMBARRASSED!This extender has adjustable strap to extend original seat belt to your desired length. Try this strongest & safest extender to enjoy comfort of sitting in the car now!Perfect for people who are...

  • Bigger-sized
  • Pregnant women
  • With limited mobility & range of motion
  • Infants
  • Fire Fighters & service men with bulky equipment belts


  • Require No Installation - Simply click in the seat belt extender to add ~14 inches to the existing seat belt system
  • Comfortable & Safe Driving - Increase the seat belt length to fit your body size
  • Easy Buckling - No more difficulties due to short seat belt!
  • Ultra Durable - Not easy to break & unbuckle with meticulous sewing & high tensile strength
  • Eliminate Neck, Belly & Chest Discomfort 
  • Solve Over-tightened Problem
  • Also Safe to Use on Baby & Children's Seats
  • Fit most vehicles with Universal Buckle 
    • Material: High Quality Stainless Steel, ABS
    • Package Weight: 0.16 kg 
    • Package Size: 16 x 16 x 14 cm
    • 1 x Seat Belt Extender