Professional Orthopaedic Insoles 2.0

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The Professional Orthopedic Insoles 2.0 is the ideal orthotic pads to prevent and alleviate pain associated with flat feet, metatarsal pain, heel or arch pain, mild to moderate pronation, sore/aching feet, and other common foot conditions. 

Engineered of medical-grade flexible PVC and EVA material inserts which helps control, stabilize and balance the foot. 

Featured three arch support design, these insoles effectively prevent O/X shaped legs. Its self-adhesive gel backing also allows repositioning of the insole inside the shoe. 


  • Three-Arch Support:
    Designed in perfect shape for human feet, these insoles evenly distribute pressure across foot's arch, heel, and balls. Effectively reinforce and adjust the shape of the feet. 
  • U-Form Heel Cup: 
    Helps maintain correct foot position, stabilize the foot and improve foot deformity.
  • Pain Relief:
    Effectively help foot comfort alignment 
    & knee pain from knock-knees, Bow Legs, pronation, supination, osteoarthritis.
  • Posture Correction:
    Balance your body level, correct the bad walking habit, and prevent O/X shape leg.
  • Medical-Grade Material:
    Made of comfortable, sweat-absorbent and deodorant material. Perfect for daily work, running, walking, heel pains.


  • Material: Medical-Grade PVC & EVA Material
  • Size: XS (24cm), S (26cm), M (28cm), L (30cm), XL (31cm)



  • 1 Pair x Professional Orthopaedic Insoles 2.0