Pooch Selfie Phone Attachment

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Hard to take a selfie with your dogs?

Time to get the Pooch Selfie Phone Attachment. It is a phone attachment for you to take a selfie with dogs in a fast and easy way. Your dog will not move while you take selfies with it!
It is easy to use. Just insert it on the phone or tablet and instantly get your pet's undivided attention. You don't need to worry about not fit your gadgets. It is one size but fits all! 



  • Easy Selfie With Pets
    Elevate your selfie game and impress your social media followers with amazing photos of your four-legged friend.
  • One Size Fits All
    Simply snap the device to the top of almost any smartphone or tablet
  • Easy To Use
    Insert the Pooch Selfie squeaking tennis ball into the cradle to instantly get your pet's undivided attention.
  • Closer With Pets
    Teach your dog that posing for pictures is actually fun and rewarding by playing a quick game of fetch with the squeaky ball after every few snaps.


    • Material: PP, silicone pad
    • Diameter of ball: 7cm


    • 1 x Pooch Selfie Phone Attachment