Multifunction Micro Wallet

$16.97   $38.97
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Multifunction Micro Wallet can become a part of your phone. 
It allows the wallet to magnetically attach to your phone

It is not just a wallet. It also can be a kickstand and car mount. You can put on the removable finger loop for better handling.


  • RFID Protection
    Offers a 360 degree RFID protection. It blocks all wireless communication with your cards.
  • Kickstand
    Can use the wallet as a kickstand in landscape or portrait.
  • Finger Strap
    Use the Wallet's optional finger strap for a secure hold and better handling. 
  • Car Mount
    Can be adhered to any surface to mount your phone. Perfect for the car’s dashboard. 
  • Fits All Phone
    Can be adhered to any phone or any case. 


    • Material: leather
    • Size: 9cm x 6.5cm x 6mm
    • Color: Black/ Brown/ Blue


    • 1 x Multifunction Micro Wallet & Fingerloop (removable)