Magnetic Magic Nail Polish

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Magnetic Magic Nail Polish is a new trend in nail design that uses iron filings in the polish that respond to a magnet to form different shapes and effects on the surface of the nail.

It combines a few of your favorite things: polish, science, and making your nails look like precious gemstones
Magnetic Magic Nail Art Pen attracts magnetic particles to let you easily create patterns and designs.
With Magnetic Magic Nail Art Pen, you can create these beautiful styles in a few minutes.
  • Magnetic 3D effect multi chrome nail polish
  • Effortlessly create a beautiful 3D effect on your nails
  • Non-toxic formula or harmful chemicals
  • Works with Magnetic Magic Nail Art Pen


    1. Roll or shake your polish bottle before applying it. You can also lean it upside down for a few minutes to make sure the metallic particles haven’t all sunk to the bottom. 
    2. One nail at a time, apply it and place the magnet as close to the nail polish as possible in the angle you’d like to create your design.
    3. Wait a few seconds before you pull it away.
    4. Repeat the above as needed.
    5. Cure your nails with a LED lamp. 


        • Nail Polish Net Weight: 7 ml


        • 1 x Magnetic Magic Nail Polish or Magnetic Magic Nail Art Pen