Instant-Fix Tire Repairing Glue

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The Instant-Fix Tire Repairing Glue is a super glue that gets you covered when you encounter broken tire in a sudden. It can instantly fix the tire by sealing up with the quick-drying feature. It is great when you don't have a spare tire on hand.

It is made of strong adhesive glue. The glue can be applied to any type of tires such as normal vehicle tires, giant truck tires or tires of toy cars. The glue is small and portable. Let's keep this little helper around you now!     


  • Easy To Use: The tire repairing glue is easy to use. Just add few drops to cover the broken part and wait until dry. Quick and easy!

  • Time-Saving: You don't have to wait for emergency when you are far away from the automobile store. Just fix it within 20 seconds.  

  • Water Proof: The glue is water-proof. Don't need to worry about the water rinses it off. 

  • Small & Portable: The glue is small in size and portable. It is great to have it around you in case any accident happens.

  • Wide Application: It can be widely applied to any type of tires e.g. private car, giant truck or toy cars.

  • Volume: 30 ml

  • 1 x  Instant-Fix Tire Repairing Glue