Instant-Fix Earlobe Rescue Tape (60 PCS)

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The Instant-Fix Earlobe Rescue Tape is your saver for providing great support for your earlobe and preventing it from dropping and stretching. It is easy to use and invisible staying at the back of the earlobe. Just pass through it when wearing earrings as normal.  

 The tape helps relieve the pressure of the earlobe and repair the wound. No matter you have light or heavy earrings you can still wear them all! To have this instant rescue, let's order now! 


  • Easy To Use: The tape is easy to use. Just pass it through and let it sit at the back of your earlobe when wearing earrings. 

  • Provide Great Support: The tape helps relieve the pressure of the earlobe while providing great support.

  • Prevent Stretching & Dropping: By having the tape, the earlobe will not stretch or drop due to the weight of the earrings.

  • Wound Recovery: If your earlobe has already get hurt, the tape prevents any tearing of the earlobe and protects the wound.   

  • Back In Position: Without stretching earlobe, your beautiful earrings can be worn in a perfect position

  • Material: Soft Tape


  • 1 x   Earlobe Rescue Tape (60 pcs/pack)