Haircut-free Bob Hairstyle Clip

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Every girl has a haircut dilemma...Wanna try summer hairstyles but hard to say goodbye to your long hair? 

Haircut-free Bob Hairstyle Clip allows you to keep long hair while turning it look short temporarily. Just roll in & clip to create a perfect bob hairstyle with hair end perming effect in a second without haircut/ perming. This clip is invisibly hidden inside your hair - No one discovers your little hair trick!


  • Instant Bob Hairstyles
    Just roll in & clip 
    to create a perfect bob hairstyle with hair end perming effect in a second without haircut/ perming

  • Long Hair to Short Hair
    Hide part of your long hair invisibly and make your hair look fuller by rolling together as a bob style.

  • Roll & Go Design
    Roll in to hide your hair and roll out to remove without causing hair dent or tangling.
  • Fits for Any Long Hair
    Suitable for thin/ thick, straight/ curly hair. Even clip waist-length long hair securely.
  • Securely Clipping
    Each end is built with a hair clip with strong gripping. Can securely hold heavy long hair whole day long  without loosing.


  • Material: Heat-resistant synthetic fiber
  • Size: 18 x 3cm


  • 1 x Haircut-free Bob Hairstyle Clip