Foldable Laundry Hangers

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This Foldable Magic Hangers let you hang & collect 8 clothes all at once, making your laundry collection much easier

With its innovative design and high-quality material. Collapsible for easy storage helps to store more space for your room or bag.

They are suitable for hanging many kinds of clothes, jacket, coat, suit, sweater, shirt, T-shirt etc.


  • Collect Laundry Quickly
    Our foldable laundry hanger with 8 hooks collect clothes directly after drying. Clothes hanging and organize now only takes sec! Save your time and labour work. 

  • Utilize Wardrobe Space
    You can now hang 8 clothes with 1 hanger instead of 8 separate ones. Transform the clothes hangers into multi-layer mode, it can save lots of space for clothes storage in your wardrobe.

  • Anti-Slip Clip
    These hangers comes with clips on each hooks that prevent clothes from slipping down on floor.

  • Easy On & Off
    Press the adjustable shoulder button on the hangers, the clothes hanger can turn different angle to suit all kinds of neckline and protect your clothes from getting wrinkled. Also press the button to easily take off clothes.

  • Durable Material
    Made of strong PP plastic with heavy duty design which will not bend or break easily. It can hold up to 40 lbs of clothes at once.


        • Material: Plastic
        • Color: White
        • Size: 64 x 18.5 cm (folded); 29 x 42 cm (expended)

          • 1 x Foldable Laundry Hanger