Extended Car Net Pocket

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    Want to keep tidy for the boot of your vehicle?

    Extended Car Net Pocket is an extra-lengthen car pocket which can help you to arrange large size objects tidily! The pocket can bear several heavy stuff at the same time like detergent, cleaning brush and spray etc.

    By sticking things to the wall or ground of the car, the boot of car will surely not get mess after driving on the rugged road with high speed!


    • Arrange well in the boot of car
      Can tidy different sizes and shapes of thing easily
      • Avoid liquid spilling or breaking
        Tightly fix on the side to prevent striking and spilling everywhere
      • Double Net
        Separate pressure enables to carry heavy stuff without damaging the car
      • Strong adhesive
        Stick and fix on car easily, easy to apply

        • Highly elastic & applicable
          Flexible pocket can contain diverse shapes of stuff. Can stick on wall, ground or even ceiling etc.
        • Durable material
          High quality of material, can last for over 5 years


              • Material: ABS
              • Size: 25 x 50 cm, 25 x 80 cm

                PACKAGE INCLUDES:

                • 1 x Extended Car Net Pocket