Double-Sided Magnetic Glass Wiper

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The Double-Sided Magnetic Glass Wiper is an innovative cleaning tool that allows you to clean the window with ease. The strong magnet can hold the wiper tightly, then you can clean BOTH sides of the window at a time.

It is quick and easy to operate. Also, it has a safety rope that prevents any falling accidents to enhance home safety. It is durable and reusable that can be used for multiple times. Let's get yours NOW.


  • Strong AdhesionThere is an adhesive magnet that holds both wipers on both sides of the window and offers easy cleaning.
  • Easy To UseIt is easy to operate. Just add cleaning gel onto the cotton with wearing the safety rope, then you are ready to clean.

  • Safety RopeThe safety rope is provided to wear on the wrist for preventing falling objects.

  • Durable & ReusableThe wiper is made of durable PP plastic. It is reusable, just replace the cotton regularly.

  • Wide Application: The cleaning wiper can be used to clean glass with thickness 3mm-8mm. 

  • Material: PP Plastic
  • Size: 16cm X 14cm
  • Color: Blue


  • 1 x  Magnetic Glass Wiper