DIY Pompom Craft Maker Set

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You are pompom fever but without tools for making unique pattern of pom? DIY Pompom Craft Maker Set unintentionally makes you a pompom expert within 1 hour!

You can create squishy, soft and fluffy pompom craft just by this tool set and the enormous remained yarns. The super simple usage allows you to make many usable and delicate pompom decorations. For instances chair pad, mat, pendant etc.

To surprise your family and friends, you can think more of the box to create own style pompom craft like scarf, hat, sandal and doll!

Not only for enjoyment, but it also works as productive and meaningful bonding time for everyone – children and adults alike! Creates a squishy, soft and fluffy pompom mat with the DIY PomPom Maker Mat Knitting Set TODAY!


  • Professional DIY Pompom Craft Maker Set
    Can make the pompom within half-minute by just the yarn and pompom maker set
  • Delighted Fantastic Homemade Pieces
    Soft and fluffy touching texture makes you stunning mood for the beginning of the day!
    • Usable Decoration
      Creates tons of stuff just by using fluff balls. Make your own stuff dolls, cushions, pillows, beanies and more!
      • Home-Sweet-Home
        Even the private time reduces when all the family members stay at home, creates something fluffy can delight them by touching the pompom surface
      • Fun Teamworks Activity
        Great family teamworks especially for kids and adults. Children can attach yarn to train their wrist flexibility and adults can keep on eyes when kids use the scissor
      • Easy to Make
        Simply attaches yarn onto pompom maker and cut it, secure by tying the middle of yarn, releases to reveal a fluffy pompom!
      • Amazing Wearable Pompom
        Uses your overwhelming creativity to attract touching when you meet with friends, surely can send comfy fluffy stuff to your friends!
      • Excellent Party Decoration
        DIY something with your children instead of buying readymade one, inspires them how things come and builds their confidence during the DIY time
        • Durable & Safe Material
          Made of high quality material of PVC, resin and polyesterround secure shape allows above 4-year-old children to use 


          • Material: ABS Resin, Resin PVC, Polyester
          • Size: 10.2 x 8.3 cm, 8.4 x 6.3 cm, 6 x 4.2 cm, 5 x 3.3 cm


          • 1 x Yarn (Red/Yellow/Green/Blue)


          • 4 x Pompom Craft Maker Set (Pink, Yellow, Green,Blue)


          • 4 x Yarns Set (Red, Yellow, Green, Blue)


          • 4 x Pompom Craft Maker Set (Pink, Yellow, Green,Blue)
          • 4 x Yarns Set (Red, Yellow, Green, Blue)