Custom-Made Wax Seal Stamp Set

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    Want to decorate your unique and special gifts for your friends, family or lover?

    Custom-Made Wax Seal Stamp Set is your ideal tool set for seal & wax on gifts and letters. With the Wax Seal Set, you can make different elegant seal on paper anytime! 

    It is convenient for mass handcraft production. Let your friends know your art sense and don't waste your extraordinary talent!!


    • 3D Special seal 
      Create unique 3D touching pattern with different seals of letter

    • Highly applicable in romantic moments
      Beautify your letter, especially the invitation card

    • Replaceable
      Can change different seals by twisting 
    • Add new interesting elements
      Bring out your artistic sense by adding various botanic elements, wide application on card, certificate, gift etc

      • Enormous handmade crafts
        Best for large amount of decoration on different paper crafts
      • Make your handcraft more special
        Make good usage of the your craft talent, delighting someone you love!
      • Choose one pattern for your Wax Seal Set
        Each set include one seal head

      1. Heat the wax on the spoon
      2. Drop it on the letter 
      3. Seal the wax
      4. Wait until it dries
      • Material: Wax


        • 1 x Custom-Made Wax Seal
        • 1 x Gold Wax
        • 1 x Silver Wax
        • 1 x Red Wine Wax
        • 1 x Wax Spoon
        • 2 x Candle