Clip-on Earring Converters

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Difficult to get GORGEOUS, STYLISH earrings because they are ALL FOR PIERCED EARS? Now turn any pierced earrings into comfortable clip-on earrings in a second!

Clip-on Earring Converters are smartly designed with an ear stopper for inserting any piercing earrings (dangle, stud etc.) to switch to clip-on earrings; or attaching beads, pendants & any other jewelry to DIY unique earrings.

Crafted with adjustable screw (Clip type) / retractable clasp & spring pin (Ring type). Easy to wear by adjusting the screw/clasp without piercing. Let's comfortably wear them all day long without causing any pain and redness! 


  • Adjustable
    With adjustable screw & half ball shaped loop, you can freely adjust tightness of earrings by loosening/ tightening screw. Comfortable to wear all day long without causing any pain and redness.

  • Clip-on Design
    The clipping design make it easy to clip on and wear without piercing. We offer 2 clip-on styles (ring / clip) to match with your earrings.

  • Non-Piercing
    No piercing is required. Perfectly prevents infection caused by piercing, earlobe dropping while relieving the pressure of the earlobes.

  • Easy to Use
    Just insert any piercing earrings (dangle, stud etc.) to switch to clip-on earrings.

  • Convert Any Earrings
    Ear stopper allows you to attach beads, pendants or any other jewelry.

  • Safe, Premium Material
    Made of nickle-free brass and plated with silver or gold on surface. Non-allergic and non-fading.
  • Multiple Ways to Wear
    The ring type can be put on all parts of ears including earlobes, helix, snug, daith etc.


  • Material: Brass (Nickel-free)
  • Color: Gold, Silver, Rose Gold
  • Type: Clip, Ring


  • 5/10/20PCS x Clip-on Earring Converters