Cat Self-Cleaning Toothbrush

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Sometimes you might spend a lot of time for cleaning the teeth of your cat. Cat usually feels furious about the cleaning brush and make worse between you and your pet!


Cat Self-Cleaning Toothbrush is essential for keeping your pets CLEAN and HEALTHY. The Fish-shaped toothbrush is multi-function product which is a funny toy, self-cleaning toothbrush with massage function! The design of bumpy surface cleans their teeth internally to keep them healthy. 


The 100% non-toxic and non-addictive herb toothbrush provides safe and high quality teeth-cleaning experience for your cat! It makes you cat addicted and become satisfied!



  • Effective Cleaning Tool
    Bumpy surface cleans teeth effectively 

    • Odour Attraction
      Appeal to cat by hiding catnip into it
      • Non-toxic, 100% safe
        Safe material, made of high quality silicone
      • Keep oral health
        Clean teeth and massage oral area softly
      • Soft & Elastic
        Chew without hurting their oral cavity

        • Material: Silicone
        • Size: 17.4 x 2.7 cm


            • 1 x Cat Self-Cleaning Toothbrush