Anti-Mosquito Smiley Stickers (60 pcs)

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Anti-Mosquito Smiley Stickers is the perfect option to keep away from mosquitoes which can save your skin from swelling and itching.

It made of the high quality plant extracts of lavender and lemon glass, the natural ingredients won't cause you allergy as the reduction of contacting skin.

Great for outdoor activities, especially for babies, pregnant women and elders.


  • Anti-Mosquito Patch
    Perfect way to keep away from mosquitoes, avoid allergy of skin

  • Deet-Free
    The patches prohibit DEET, 
    which is internationally defined as "slightly toxic and harmful to skin"
  • Chemical Free
    Get rid of mosquitoes by using natural, physical method without applying chemicals. Completely harmless to human and pets

  • 100% Natural Ingredient
    Made from all natural Lavender and lemon glass essential oil, eco-friendly material
  • Gentle Material 
    Applicable for babies, pregnant women and elders
  • Long Lasting Protection
    Offers 72 hours of effective mosquito repellent action
  • Stick Anywhere Easily
    Ultra soft material makes it easy to stick or remove from any surface. Re-sealable package also keeps them fresh, adhesive and effective
  • Powerful Adhesive & Waterproof
    Works in high humidity even if they get wet. Applicable on clothings with most textures like cotton, wool, leather and more

    • Outdoor Best Partner
      Excellent for sport or outdoor activities like picnic, camping, or rock climbing etc


      • Material: Natural essential oil + Non-woven Fabric
      • Size of each patch: 2.5 x 2.5 cm


      • 1 x Anti-Mosquito Smiley Stickers(60 pcs)