Car Windshield Defrost Spray

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The Car Windshield Defrost Spray is a specifically formulated solution that helps keep car windows and glasses fog-free.  Simply spray on any google, mask or eyeglass lens and wipe clean and the Anti Fog Spray instantaneously coats your lens surface from fog and steam.

It works on almost anything that fogs, including eye wear, windows, mirror, sport goggles, paintball masks & more.


  • Portable Design
    Compact anti-fog solution that is a great alternative to anti-fogger due to its portable size.
  • Protect Car Windows & Lenses
    Once the windows & eyewear were coated it will last for at least 1 month. Extremely durable and long-lasting. 
  • Easy To Use
    Simply spray the solution on the surface and wipe until its fully dry. 
  • Wide Usage
    Can be used for bathroom mirror, snow goggle, glasses and more. 
      • Capacity: 20 ml
      • Package Weight: 0.05 kg 
      • Package Size: 8 x 5 x 5 cm 
        • 1 x Car Windshield Defrost Spray